Gregory Polanco GIFS from DWL

Gregory Polanco Watch with GIFs.

Oct 19: Polanco hit his 2nd DWL home run...

Oct 21: Polanco picked up TWO doubles in this game.

Oct 23: El Coffee continues his red hot winter. He went 4-for-4!! 
   This is his 2nd and 3rd at bat. (I missed his 1st AB)
In his 4th at bat: Of course he did.

OK. Let's take a break. World Series is over and it's November 1st. I haven't made any gifs for a week (watched Escogido's games though).

On October 30th, Polanco went 2-for-4 with 3 walks and 5 RBI. I tried to animate his GRAD SLAM but the GIF machine didn't work, Ugh. Can I describe that HR in one word?  "missile".
NOTE: Polanco's single-game career high is 6 RBI (June 28, 2010).

Polanco was in "a mini slump", but no one couldn't stop him.
Nov 1: Gregory grabs a single in the 8th inning to extend hitting streak to 12 games.

LINKBaseball America: Nine players to watch in Winter Ball.

Nov 3: Polanco went 0-for-3 with caught stealing against Licey. Hitting streak ends at 13 games.
Polanco was on-deck in the bottom of 9th, but Julio Lugo whiffed...


However, El Coffee draw a walk, so he extended his on-base streak to 14 games.

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